Ex Figura - Barbara Stallone - Francisco Silva, Paris

A rchitects design space
but if that design is not built, then did they really design space?
how can they have created space if it has no physical form or materiality?
if the drawings are enough to convey the idea of space, then what is space? does it need shape and material to exist?
does it need to be built to be experienced? if not
then what is the difference between space and its image?

images show space
they show space because they show elements that are recognizable as space they look like space, they remind us of space
they seem real, they are believable
all because they reveal things that we see as space but can we experience them as the space around us? if not
then why do we see space in the images?

when we look around ourselves, we see space we see elements that define it
it looks like space, it seems real
but when we look around, what is different from looking at an image?

an image can show anything
they don’t need to be based on reality itself what we see in an image, can be false
we still recognize it as space we can still feel its environment we can still see it as real
even though it doesn’t have to be real

an image is a representation
it shows a particular view and leaves all the rest to wonder we can imagine anything beyond the elements
we can think of any context for the space in the image we can imagine other perspectives on it
we can imagine that space continuing we can imagine what we could do there

when we look at the space around us, can’t we imagine more beyond the elements?
We only see a perspective at a time everything else, we can also imagine
we can imagine anything behind the objects we see think of any other dimensions on them
any hidden reality

in everything it doesn’t show
an image can be multiple things in a single moment it can be read in different ways
induce various reactions
be felt in a unique way by each one of us but
isn’t it the same for the space around us? don’t we imagine secret worlds behind objects (give them alternate meanings?)
don’t we interpret reality in an individual way? (have our own view of the world?)
don’t we make it unique for each one of us?

then what is the difference between space and its image? is realness important?
or only that it seems real?
does it matter if we can’t see everything about it? or if that allows us to imagine much more?

we see space and its image in the same way
how much of the space around us is only in our imagination? how much of it we think is actually there?
how much space is hidden in images?
how much reality is hidden in its representation?
so, what is the difference between space and its image? does the difference mean anything?
do we just live between what we see and what we imagine?
do we just experience space as images that can be anything we want?

in the end, what do architects design? space?
or more images?