Espacio japonés a medio camino entre el interior y el exterior.

La revista en la que colaboramos tiene el amable nombre de Engawa. Amable porque como lugar de transición sugiere cosas como acogida e invitación, o, también a la inversa, proyección y apertura.

Cada número es un nuevo experimento que nace de la imagen de su portada como hilo conductor. A partir de ahí los artículos se bifurcan, se entretejen o simplemente se yuxtaponen formando un tapiz al que todos estáis invitados a leer, opinar y colaborar.

Engawa se editará indistintamente en papel y en la web trimestralmente.

The magazine takes its name and much of the meaning from the Japanese word “engawa”, which means the space between the interior and the exterior of the classic Japanese architecture. It is a transitional space which suggests things like invitation or welcome, but also the contrary, that is to say projection and opening. That is the spirit we’d like to convey with this magazine.

The topic of each issue come from one image chosen by one member of Engawa (every issue’s image is chosen by a different member). The group don’t know what htis image will be. This random image stops us talking about usual topics, and allows randomness of conversation. From that premise a little spy game starts, where the images become text, or vice versa. The articles will overlap or diverge, creating a tapestry where you are all invited to read, collaborate and give your opinion